November 15
Online via YouTube
Join us for the Breedi Genomic Selection Meet-up, a conference that delves into the latest trends and scientific breakthroughs in livestock animal breeding. Discover how genomic selection is revolutionizing the industry, elevating animal productivity to unprecedented heights.
Unlock the Future
of Livestock Animal Breeding
Who Should Attend?
This meet-up is tailored for professionals dedicated to livestock animal breeding, eager to optimize their animals' potential and stay at the forefront of modern breeding techniques.
November 15
When and where?
Online via YouTube
What to Expect?
Dive deep into the world of in-field sequencing, a cutting-edge technique that empowers breeders with real-time genomic insights using NanoPore technology. Learn how this innovation is reshaping the future of breeding
International Bulls Evaluations
Gain insights into how different countries are utilizing genomic selection methods to evaluate bulls on an international scale. Discover the global impact of this transformative approach
Prepare to immerse yourself in an insightful day of knowledge-sharing and exploration as we cover two these topics:
In-Field Sequencing for Genomic Evaluations with NanoPore
Our Speakers
  • Harry Lamb
    PhD candidate at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Innovation, co-founder of D3 Genetics
  • Breno Fragomeni
    Assistant Professor in animal genomics at University of Connecticut, USA
  • Dr. Dou Hu
    HQ Product Manager, MGI, China
  • Prashant Tripathi

    Founder & Director of Market Development, JORDBRUKARE, India

About the Host
At Breedi, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of genomic selection, improving animal genetics, and enhancing the livelihoods of farmers worldwide.
We are Breedi — trusted partner in genomic selection services for livestock animal breeding. With a full-cycle approach, we harness the power of genomic data to benefit farmers and elevate the industry. Here’s what sets us apart:
Presence in 8 Countries
Specializing in 3 Animal Species
Over 1,000,000 Evaluated Animals
User-friendly web application for genomic selection
Join us on November 15th for an enriching virtual experience, discussing the future of livestock animal breeding!
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