Increase herd productivity and health through genetic testing and genomic selection
Full-cycle genetic testing, EBV's and GEBV's
ICAR-accredited DNA data interpretation centre
Professional support at all stages of work
Online genomic selection tool
We help achieve stable herd genetic progress
by combining best genomic selection approaches with innovative digital solutions
Everything a breeder needs in one tool. Genetic evaluations and selection indexes calculation, parentage verification, ancestor search, herd genetic progress analytics, mating tool and many more
Full-cycle genomic selection
Local breeds and its crosses are usually better choice for farming in different environmental conditions. Our service allows easy implementation of genomic selection, to breed more productive local cattle, sheep or swine breeds
Digital genomic selection tool suitable for cattle, sheep and swine
Males contributes to the half of genetic potential of progenies and mating process is very important for herd genetic progress. We created an automatic independent genomic mating tool that considers both male’s and female’s genetic data for the best probable outcome. This tool allows working with unlimited semen providers, estimates mating results and return of investments on each pairing scheme
Unique mating tool
We allow farmers to achieve results at all levels
For the breeding center
Confirmation of animal pedigree by an ICAR accredited center, pedigree evaluation, breeding values and automatic online breeding tools
For the farm
Profitability increase through better productivity, fertility, healthy and longevity of the animals
For the breeder
An easy to use online service with all the necessary herd analyses, breeding values, pedigree evaluations and genotyping data
Three easy steps to implement genomic selection on your farm
Upload data
Upload performance data archive from any herd management software
Collect samples
Collect genotyping samples from the animals you need to genotype
Receive your results
In a month you get access to an online genomic selection tool with your animals' breeding values and genomic data
Full-cycle genomic selection service
We provide a full range of genomic services. From sampling collection to training on genotyping results and assistance with herd management strategies
We will not leave you and your employees alone with genotyping data: we will teach you how to work with it, show you how to make the best use of your herd's genetic potential, and help you make long-term and short-term breeding strategies
Training and support at all stages of work
All information about your herd, genotyping results and breeding evaluations are available online from any device
Online genomic selection tool
Integration with any herd management software
Easy-to-use herd statistics and analytics
Animals ranking to help with breeding decisions
Automatic pairing and betting strategy calculation
Flexible filters for individual animals
Excel and pdf downloads
What is
Calculation of breeding values using BLUP and ss-gBLUP algorithms
Confirmation of origin, pedigree evaluation and search for true parents
Genotyping of animals
Prediction of animals' productivity and health
Detection of disease carriers
Detection of commercially useful traits in animals
Inbreeding Control
We check and correct historical data, and teach you how to record herd data properly
We train your staff in genomic selection and sampling
We train you and your employees on how to use genotyping results and online breeding tool
We assist you with operational issues
We provide genotyping counseling
Advisory Board
External Senior Advisor
Filippo Miglior
Adjunct professor at University of Guelph, Senior Advisor for Genetic and Strategic Initiatives at Lactanet, Сanada, former Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Ontario Genomics, Secretary of WCGALP, President of Genetic commission for European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP).
General Manager at ADAMA Ltd.
Former Head of Marketing at Syngenta, Head of Sales at John Deere and Country Manager, Agco. Alexander has in depth marketing and sales experience working in B2B industries in Agritech companies covering Eastern Europe region sales and marketing activities.
Alexander Belov
Senior Adviser
ICAR accredited DNA data interpretation centre
Only 25 companies in the world accomplished this accreditation testing
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