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Breedi Genomic Selection Meet-up

Join us for the Breedi Genomic Selection Meet-up on November 15th! 📅

Are you passionate about livestock animal breeding? 🐮 Want to stay at the cutting edge of modern breeding techniques? 🚀

This online conference is tailor-made for professionals like you, dedicated to optimizing animal potential through the power of genetics. 🐾

In-depth insights from experts, who will shed light on the usage of genomics in animal breeding:

🧑‍🎓🇺🇲 Breno Fragomeni, PhD in Animal Breeding, Professor at the University of Connecticut, will talk about international genomic evaluations of bulls

🧑‍🎓🇦🇺 Harry Lamb, PhD in Animal Science, Researcher at the University of Queensland, will share his experience with Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing for cattle genomic evaluation

🧑‍🎓🇨🇳 DOU HU, PhD in Animal Breeding, Product Manager at MGI, will speak about pigs genomic selection project in China

🧑‍🎓🇮🇳 Prashant Tripathi, Founder and Market Development Officer at JORDBRUKARE, will delve into Asia and Pacific market export possibilities for dairy producers

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