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Eurofins Genomics and Breedi B.V. have entered a commercial partnership to offer an end-to-end genomic selection solution for the global livestock genomics market

Eurofins Genomics Europe and Breedi B.V are proud to announce the signing of a commercial partnership. This partnership will allow each party to offer enhanced services to livestock breeders.
With this partnership, the livestock genomics market will benefit from a suite of integrated genomic selection services, including sample collection, DNA extraction, genotyping, breeding value estimations, and advanced genetic progress analytics. Furthermore, a comprehensive overview of herd economic merit and health can be obtained, coupled with powerful breeding tools for selection and herd management.
The collaboration will take benefit from Eurofins Genomics’ developments to bring affordable, high throughput DNA extraction and genotyping platforms to the industry and Breedi’s bioinformatics platform which can support custom genomic selection tools reference datasets for any species or breed, opening access to new markets and providing a complete end-toend solution for livestock breeders.
About Eurofins Genomics
Eurofins Genomics represents the genomic division within the Eurofins Scientific Group. With facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia, Eurofins Genomics is an internationally leading provider of DNA sequencing and genotyping services, DNA synthesis products and bioinformatics services for pharma, diagnostics, food, agriculture, biotechnological and research markets. The European branch is headquartered in Ebersberg, Germany. For further information, please visit
About Breedi B.V. – genomic selection service provider
Breedi provides genomic selection solutions for livestock producers, including: reference database development, breeding value estimation, breeding index calculation, herd genetic progress analytics, and animal mating effect predictions. All these data and processes are consolidated in a user-friendly web application that simplifies the on-farm implementation of genomic breeding methods. Having operated in emerging markets, Breedi has gained extensive experience in constructing genomic evaluation systems within specific regions and collaborating with associations to enhance local breed production efficiency. This not only sustains genetic diversity but also allows producers to maintain their traditional farming practices.
Breedi B.V. is accredited by the International Committee for Animal Recordings (ICAR) as a DNA data interpretation center.