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Breedi received ICAR accreditation

Breedi received ICAR accreditation 🎉

We wanted to share some wonderful news with you! Breedi has successfully met the requirements outlined by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) to operate as a DNA data interpretation center. This achievement places us among only 25 companies worldwide that meet ICAR's criteria as DNA interpretation providers.

At Breedi, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional genomic selection services to our customers, such as:

🧬Genomic breeding values and indexes calculation

💻Functional web service

📈Interactive and insightful analytics of animals' genetic progress

💞Genomic mating tool for artificial insemination

With ICAR accreditation, we not only provide these services but also adhere to the best DNA data interpretation practices guided by the ICAR Secretariat

If you are curious to learn more about how Breedi can enhance your breeding processes with the power of genomic selection, let’s meet!

Our Chief Operating Officer, Yura Pekov , will attend ICAR annual meeting in Toledo on May 24-26. Book a meeting with Yury by the link below.

And join us in celebrating this significant milestone as we continue to make genomic selection available to every farmer worldwide! 🥳