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Yury Tavyrikov will be a speaker at Interbull Congress and Lyon EAAP

We are excited to announce that our Chief Scientific Officer, Yury Tavyrikov will be a speaker at the upcoming joint Interbull Congress and Lyon EAAP.

🗓️ Mark your calendars for August 26th, and don’t miss Yury‘s speech at Interbull’s «Session I: New Methodologies». He will show our developments in analytics for herd genetic progress assessment and the results of its implementation in dairy herds.

🐄 Herd genetic progress assessment plays an important role in advancing livestock breeding practices. At Breedi, we firmly believe that informed breeding decisions pave the way for healthier, more productive herds. Take a chance to learn more, and meet Yury at the Interbull Congress.

🌐 Our deepest gratitude to the Interbull Centre Congress Committee for including Yury’s abstract in the scientific program and for the opportunity to present our analytical developments!